I've written lots of songs, but rarely get opinions on them. I can't really remember my favorite, but I have no access to it currently and will try to get it
from memory as best I can, but the whole point is; I'd love opinions. Honest ones.
What I have here is not a whole song, but merely a large piece of what will be the song.

I don't know who my god is, but I know he's bigger than me
And if I'm all we've got to give, I promise we're not free
We're shackled in our promises, Our falsities and lies
Our ability to forgive ourselves, while someone better dies
Nailing ourselves on a cross we made, Grabbing at mirrors as heartbeats fade
Into the goal that we try to evade, as we somehow assume galactic fame
Hyprocisy feeds as heroes say die in this strange world where sinners don't lie
Drowning ourselves, pre-emptive suicide
Inside I breathe shallow, even there I can't hide
If I'm called a good man, then surely I'm ashamed
Of our fiery salvations in our own higher names
No way I'm an angel, no way he's chained to me
With so many things so horribly wrong There's got to be some higher song

I guess I just wanted to know what people might think so far. I could only remember a little over half and I remember what I have at home is a lot better, but I was anxious to hear an opinion.
i like it.
it's different.
it surprised me.
i didn't have faith,
glad i clicked on this thread.
i am the lamb.
point me to the slaughter.
please post the actual version. This is actually pretty awesome.
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