Hi UG,

^^ well . i am discarding my korg ax5g processor ( lol now i have grown ears and it sounds too digital ) and mg10cd amp lol with new amp.

just wanted to know . which pedal should i buy for metal ?
Were you wanting an effects pedal? Distortion? Overdrive? Multi-FX? What?
And what gear are you using?
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mostly distortion .

i more inclined towards ACDC /GNR/Metallica/Ledzepplin you know old bands

budget isnt much 50$'s T_T
What is your new amp?

If you haven't bought one yet, look for one with built in overdrive/distortion.
That being said, budget for new amp?
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hey UG,
thanx for ur opinions.
i inquired a little .
and it seems

i can get marshall mg15cd + distortion pedal or only mg30cd ?????

are they good?
Hey UG

the dealer gave me a good deal...

i gave my well kept mg10cd + korg ax5g + 40$

and in exchange i got a marshall 30 DFX amp

is it good? ^_^
Too bad. I was going to recommend you keep the AX5G and use it with the new amp until you could afford some pedals. You could of put your $150 into a nice 5 watt tube amp. Your AX5G would have sounded pretty good with it. But if you're happy with the 30 DFX then it's not a bad deal.
TBH the cool cat fuzz is quite distortiony and in your price bracket, so check it out on youtube and see what you think.
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I like the mxr fullbore metal, has a lot a variety if you play with it a lot =]
i have the diagrams i am gona make the metal muff beaver myself

any one wana suggest me a good one to make?