I think about equal versatility, but for different sounds. mesa is more versatile on the higher gain side (hard rock, metal etc) but still does the other stuff moderately well once you learn how its done. the carvin will give a better classic rock sound for example and the cleans are better. i dont personally like the high gain sound it gives though.

but! for versatility, why not look into the Mesa Mark V?
Yeah, pretty hard to give you any suggestions with a post like that.

I've got a Legacy, I love it. Yah?
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I'd say the Recto is more versatile

I had a Legacy and wasn't really a fan. The cleans were great, but the distortion channel was only good for leads, it lacked clarity and was overly smooth for rhythm I really wanted to love that amp, as I've heard good things... but I just couldn't help being disappointed

That being said, the price difference between both is pretty giant...
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here a thought sell one of your 4x12 cause IMO 2 is overkill and get yourself a mark V
possibly one of the most versatile amps out there

another option to throw at you is Marshall JVM many UGer's aren't keen but i love the things it lacks on the classic marshall crunch but its high gain and clean channels are fantastic
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There, removed the redundant parts for ya Timmy.
Sell one of the cabs and get a Mark V.

Borrowed one last for a gig last week very tasting sounding amp.
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