anybody have any ideas for cover songs? we play 2 bars, mamas garage, and the showboat saloon in the wisconsin dells area quite frequently and we don't want to get stale.

we play a mix of rock/reggae/alternative.
acoustic guitar, bass, drums, electric guitar, and two vocalists (male)

pretty much all of the audience is 21-25ish so we're looking for something they would know (i don't have clue though since i'm 19)

it needs to be danceable though, we get lots of sweaty drunks and bacholerette parties and they all want to dance

we play for almost 3 hours so anything helps

Quote by RockRoots42
Black Dog by Zep, people love to dance to that.

i don't think that will work, too many stops and starts (plus our singer can't get that high)