I figured this would be the place to ask... I usually play guitar, but every so often I play a bit of bass. I've only been playing with a pick but I'd like to start using my fingers as well. Are there any good exercises for practising this? It still feels very strange to me.
it will feel strange t first, just keep at it, learn something easy, it'll feel a lot more natural soon, especially if you've ever done any fingerpicking on guitar
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I'm kinda in the same boat as the TS.
When I mess with a bass, I use my thumb for the E and A, index for D, and middle for G. It sounds fine to me, but is it limiting or anything.
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Just learn songs..it should be fairly natural.

Find a place for your thumb to rest so your fingers line up with the strings.
It does feel weird at first and as frustrating as hell as it looks so easy. If you are the sort of guitarist who learns all your scales then start practising with a metronome gradually speeding up and concentrate on a good even sound.

If you are lazy, like me, then just look at any songs with a good 4 or 8 beat bass and beat the hell out of them. With or Without You by U2 is the one I used along with Read my Mind, Killers and almost anything by the Stereophonics. In a couple of weeks it gets easier and a couple of months it becomes second nature.
i used to have the same problem but i solved it by playing seven nation army (i know the bass line actully a guitar with a whammy pedal) on bass everyday as a warmup
Just keep practicing; you'll get used to it.

I'll usually anchor my wrist above the strings, with the thumb resting on E. Lately I've also been using a plastic thumbpick for the E and sometimes A strings, since that gets a much clearer and more consistent attack.
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I'm kinda in the same boat as the TS.
When I mess with a bass, I use my thumb for the E and A, index for D, and middle for G. It sounds fine to me, but is it limiting or anything.

Using your thumb is extremely limiting. Don't limit yourself to one finger per string, this will slow you down. I don't recommend doing that unless you're slapping.
I had a bad habit when I was first picking up bass after playing guitar for like 5 years or something to think I was instantly good at bass thus picking songs like "Maxwell murder" and "old friend" by rancid witch both have really retartedly hard/awesom bass solos in them. I didn't want to just give up on playing them with my fingers so I learned them with just my fingers, then realised how much easier it is with a pick.


Learn a really stupidly hard song with your fingers and get acoustimed to it. That's what I did.
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i am having trouble getting a consistent volume throughout the strings when i play either by finger or by pick. any tips to help that out. i dont have the problem while slapping normally but i do basically if im doing anything else
Playing with the fingers gives a lot more tonal range to your playing.
You should ideally be plucking each string with the same force.

You will still get a different tonal quality though, because they are in different positions on the string. Think of it like pickups, and how much the sound changes when you switch from the bridge to the neck pup.
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No, but seriously; this is not true.
I recommend starting 2 finger style. Basically I go 2(middle finger) then 1(index). So 21212121. For 3 finger I use 321. I've seen different variations like 123, 213 etc. So find the one that's most natural for you! Hope this helps.
Just solid practice will make it better. It will begin to feel more and more natural as time goes on.
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