what kind of guitar is it(brand) i use the fender strap locks but i have a fender strat... they work goood, have never let me down.
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I've got the dunlops on two of my guitars. Never let me down before. They're difficult to install if you have a thick leather strap, but on my cloth fender strap, they're perfect.

It's a really a matter of preference. they're both great products. The only problem would arise from lack of common sense.
It's a Squier telecaster. Does the brand really matter that much? Should't strap locks be okay for all guitars?
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I have no idea what super sack is talking about..ive put both those locks on many guitars and will always prefer the dunlops..with the others if you want to take the strap off you have to rotate but the dunlops are totally round and versitile...
I personally have the ernie ball straplock on my guitar and bass. They work fantastic, and I highly recommend them
I have schallers. They just look and feel to be of a better quality to me. Honestly though I think you would be completely safe with either of those two. My only concerns with the dunlops are these:

1)they employ a push button design for strap release, push happens on accident, pull rarely does.
2)The little pin that inserts into the strap peg looks like it could break much easier than the "cup" of a schaller.

and thats about it. Walk into your local store, get whichever is cheaper. If they cost the same get schallers.
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I also say Schallers. I have them on all my guitars. At least one set must be pushing 30 years of age and they're still working flawlessly. It's actually hard to pick which ones are the old ones.
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I use the both, but I highly prefer the schallers
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