I've been playing guitar for a while, and for the last three months I've more or less forsaken playing acoustic in favor of playing the electric that I bought. Even more so than before, I've had a very difficult playing barre chords, especially B, on acoustic, though it's much more doable on electric. Maybe it's just this acoustic, but I find it exceptionally difficult to put enough pressure on the strings to play them without muting them. I have really long fingers, and I think that's part of what the problem is: arranging them all properly. There's a picture below of me playing a B chord; any input on how I can do it more effectively?

try using ring middle and pinkie for those notes youre barring with the middle finger
ya..make your picture bigger cuz I can't quite see your pores.

but seriously, if your fingers (ring finger probably) isnt strong enough probably cuz your 3rd finger isnt flat like its supposed to be. just play em like this if you cant do it the other way:

---4--- (4)
---4--- (3)
---4--- (2)
---2--- (1)

#s in paranthesis being the finger.
work on that a lot, and if you need to play it in front of somebody else just play a barred E shape on the 7th fret
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