As of today I am happy owner of Ovation 2078 TX Elite T. It is my first Ovation guitar, a few of the guys I play with have Applause branded gits, so overall I am pretty impressed with it so far. It is a deep contour bowl with solid spruce top so it has some volume to it, bass is pronounced as well. Only thing I am planning to do to it, is to bring action down a bit and then I will be on 7th heaven. Plugged in sounds great, love the build in chromatic tuner. Preamp is a decent piece so I will leave that alone, nothing that I cannot dial in through the amp settings.
I think this solves my lack of acoustic/electric and lack of guitar with cutaway.

I actually played Guild GAD F20E - it didn't have any controls for the passive pickup it has, also I played Guild GAD D40. Nice guitars but Ovation won me over. There was also a cool Martin D18 from 1971 or so, very nice, but I have enough dreads as it is.

Now onto acquiring a decent amp for it... Got some research to do. Thus far I am thinking nice little Ultrasound amp will do me fine.
congrats! looks like the same guitar as the 1778 elite t but with the deep bowl. my husband's 1778 has lots of bass, and i bet the deep bowl has even more. feel free to put up a clip so we can check it out.