Hi guys,

My Epiphone Viola bass recently took a fall and the neck has been chipped (the wood is fine but some of the finish - not sure the technical term - has come off). The chip is fairly small (less than a fret wide, at the 6th) triangular and goes from the edge of the fretboard to about two centimeters towards the centre of the neck - sorry this is the best I can describe it without a camera.
The problem is that the neck is sunburst and therfore i imagine not nearly as easy a repair job as if it were a solid colour.

Can any of you estimate for me how much a guitar repair shop would be likley to ask to refinsh part of the neck?

I dont need it to be invisible just not noticable from a distance, although I am worried that because the neck is sunburst they might need to refinish the whole neck.

different subject but while I am here and have hopefully caught the interest of beatle bass owners could anyone suggest a site that sells Hofner bass style pickgaurds (left handed) as the epiphone lacks one and it looks classier with imo - thanks

ps sorry if this is the wrong place i had no idea where to put this thread
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If the only damage is to the paint, I would just leave it be. If it does bother you could just have that little spot painted, because honestly I dont think it is going to be worth the money to refinish the whole neck. So IMO you should let it be, unless it hinders your playing. Plus it adds character.
Yeah that seems like more hassle than it's worth. Getting the whole neck refinished because it looks 'worse'? I wouldn't. If the damage hinders your palying then fair enough, but as you didn't mention it, I'm guessing that you want it fixed purely for the look of the instrument, and a small patch on the back of the neck isn't really bad, I mean you barely see the beck of the neck when you look at a bass. So yeah, I wouldn't bother.

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