I decided today that I want to save up for a Tele. The problem is, is that there are so many different models and things that I'm kind of lost. Here's what I want:


Daphne Blue
Maple Fretboard
Locking Tuners(?)
Not sure on pickup config.
Not sure on what wood for the body.

I really need some help as you can see. I intend to use it for worship music and lightly overdriven stuff. I just want it to sound beautiful. I'm also open to building one if I have to.

Thank you so much to anyone that can help me.
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Just the standard strat style. As far as budget, keep it around or under $750
Wait, so you want a stratocaster then? Tele's generally don't have tremolos, they are hard tails. Exceptions are basically the ones with bigsbys on them.
Oh, I could go hardtail, but I kind of wanted a tremolo. I've got nothing against Bigsby's however.

It doesn't specifically have to be Fender.
The standard mexi strat doesn't sound too bad, and it has all the features you want. Ibanez has a lot of options as well, but they don't have the "classic" look that you are probably going for.
What about G&L? A store in the next town over has a couple, I've never tried them out.
I'm really not sure what I'm gonna do... I appreciate the help though.

I really love the Daphne/sonic blue... and I really want a strat-style tremolo on it.

I might just end up building it myself
G&L's pretty good, generally on par with Fenders. If you really want that strat trem, I think Warmoth can do strat bridges on a tele body. Not completely sure, though.
There is a Telecaster Deluxe with a Strat style tremolo. Not sure if that's your style...but it's my 2 cents.
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I've never seen a Daphne or Sonic Blue Telecaster with a Strat-style vibrato other than as a complete custom build ala Warmoth. But that's a tricky thing to sort out, if you're not 100% sure what you want it is very easy to blow a lot of money on something that ends up not suiting you. A Bigsby is a more likely option as that could be easily fitted to an existing guitar, however Fender do not currently make any Teles in a Daphne Blue finish (nor Sonic blue) outside of their Custom Shop, and other companies, while they may have a generic light blue colour, for obvious legal reasons aren't able to offer the actual Tele body style with an actual Daphne or Sonic Blue finish, they are forced to change it. Additionally, a Bigsby unit feels, looks and acts quite differently to a Strat-style vibrato.

My advice would be if you've got the money to spend and you're in no urgent rush to get this guitar, wait a while, research what exact specification would suit you best (wood types, electronics, controls, neck contours, neck thickness, nut width, fret size, etc) and then place an order with Warmoth for a Tele body routed for a Strat-style vibrato of your choice (they can rout it for most common style,s e.g. six screw, two post, etc) and then either order a neck from them too to match or grab a Fender neck off eBay (often cheaper than buying a Warmoth neck and they fit the Warmoth bodies perfectly), get your electronics together and get busy with your screwdriver and soldering iron. Take all the parts to a professional luthier if you're not comfortable putting the guitar together yourself.

Otherwise, you're going to have to compromise on your spec, especially the colour or the vibrato. Quite a few companies make Teles with Strat-style vibratos, but they won't be light blue (more often than not black, yellow or tri-burst); quite a few companies make Teles which are some shade of light blue but they're virtually always a standard, plain Telecaster.
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Thanks mr flibble. I think thats what I needed to hear. I was really GASing for one last night.

I'm still planning on getting one, but I've gotta remember to use judgment! there was a sweet daphne blue highway one on ebay the other night....