Hey guys,

Really this is just to test a mix, but I decided to record part of a great tune, really, I'm looking for an opinion on sound and overall quality. I realize it's a short clip but I didnt really wanna do the whole song this morning. I really appreciate any comments and I'll be more than happy to comment on your stuff as well!


Dance With The Devil Intro..
It sounds great. A clean recording, it is balanced and you can pick out each part if you chose to while still maintaining the balance of the whole sound. great job there.

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Thanks for the comments guys- much appreciated :P
Hey, thanks for the comment!

Whoa! Big sound from the very start - very nice! I haven't heard this song before, but you've done a nice job on it.
The guitar tone is great, and the entire mix fits together nicely - Maybe turn the drums up a tiny bit. Is that you singing? If it is, wow! Are you a professional or something? haha

Tell me when you've done this - Would be great to see how it turns out.
Yeah the drums sit back a little bit, and yeah, it's me singing ha. I haven't been singing alot lately so I'm really just trying to get my voice back, but thanks for the thoughts man! I should be finishing the song this weekend or this week maybe and I'll post up the final product
Hey, yeah, i agree with what someone aid about the drums needing to be a little louder, to my ears, and this is on my computer speakers atm, the vocal could've done with just a little roll up on the treble, but otherwise it sounded solid man