Noob question perhaps, but are the inlays useful? Can I use them anyway for scales?

they're just for knowing where you are on the fretboard i guess
cant think of anything else you could use them for
They indicate the frets and the octave, hence why the pattern is not constant.
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If you had really big inlays you might be able to make some cool sounds by pressing your string into them heaps? I've never tried it, but it's just a though I guess..
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It's if you've been playing with them since you started, then get a guitar without them - but i prefer guitars without them.

They just look nicer, especially when freshly oiled.

I'd take red LED fret indicators on the side of the fretboard any day.
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The inlays are useful, they'll usually only be on odd numbered frets, though this pattern changes around the 12th fret where inlays will be on 9, 12 and 15, then the pattern of only odd numbers continues until fret 21 (after that it skips 23 and there'll be an inlay on 24). The reason for the pattern change at the 12th and 24th frets is to show you where the octave is, the 12th fret is 1 octave higher than the open string and the 24th fret is one octave higher than the 12th fret.
So yes, inlays are useful for finding your way around the fretboard.
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I really have to rely on fretboard inlays to see where I'm playing, it just means I don't have to concentrate on exactly what fret I'm playing on as much because the markers give a good indication.
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