hey guys,
im trying to change the strings on my kayne strat copy thing. now it isnt changing the strings that the problem i can do that fine with my floyd rose etc, but i've hit a snag with the stat style bridge. when i've loosened the strings (and cut them) i cant push the ball ends back through the bridge and out the back of the body they just seem to be stuck. any help would be much appreciated
get somthing small, like an allan key (hex key) and push them through. maybe you shouldn't have cut them and just unwound them.
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try to dislodge it with a toothpick (or similar) to force it out from the top, or go up from the bottom to try and work it free.
Try using a piece of the low E string or an old low E, stick it in there from the top and knock the ball end out. But anything can work, a coat hanger, a long enough nail etc.

To avoid this problem in the future, you can get bullet end strings designed for the strat style trem.