Hey, im looking to buy an extremely cheap superstrat for a relicing project. It sounds a bit absurd, but i'm looking to only spend within the region of £50 on it. this things only gonna get beaten up, so i dont want to spend masses of cash on it.

let me know if you're interested in selling, no trades please
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tried your local cash converters??? i always see 'shine' superstrats for like £45 in my local one. even seen a yamaha one in there last week for £55. ok it's over £50 but whats a fiver these days?
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... a fiver?

five pounds...
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Thats actually a great idea, i'll check it out. thanks dude
'The Blues is Easy to Play, but Hard to Feel'
Jimi Hendrix
I've got a strat, but its pretty customised and i want £110 >.<

Its got a scalloped neck and full respray in French Vanilla ice Cream
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Anything in my thread you fancy?

I have an already relic'd partscaster I want £60 posted for. Electrics might need a quick tinker, only with the jack socket though, pickups work fine.
nah, cheers dude. the idea was for me to relic it myself, but thanks for the offer.
i reckon i'll just shop around a bit, see if i can find a real bargain. just last week i missed out on a relatively good strat copy at a car boot sale for 40 quid

the only thing im mildly interested in is the overdrive tbh, but i've got one on order anyway so theres not much point. but cheers for the offers
'The Blues is Easy to Play, but Hard to Feel'
Jimi Hendrix
Sure you can't be tempted?

Pretty decent guitar, and saves you the effort.