I figured it would be a good practice to just write solos over a set chord progression, this is what turned up.

The 2 solo sections are both less than 2 minutes long. I don't know yet if I include them in a song some time.

gp5 for rse, gp4 for midi.

edit: I don't know why the attachment thing didn't work. next try...

yep, some kind of lame bug.
2 solos.zip
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Solo 1 has a very mysterious feel to it, like it could just come out of nowhere and still fit into the song. I really like how you take 2 measures between all of the chords to break up the pace. I have no complaints about this one. Sounds great.

Solo 2 sounds less appealing to me. It sounds like cheesy 80's hair metal. I don't really think it has as much potential for use as the first, but it depends on what you change and your tastes.

Solo 1: 9/10
Solo 2: 7/10