I enjoyed it! Very offspring-y, which is always a good thing

Actually I think the verse works quite well. However, I think you should vary it a bit the second time (for example maybe just play power chords in eigths without muting or something like that). Just an idea. Actually the solo is quite a good one. Just make sure the bends are in tune, and try to use a little more vibrato. Apart from these observations, it was flawless! (well, in my opinion).

Now, feel free to be the first one to comment on my songs

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Very Offspring-y I agree.

(Crit as I listen), The drums sound a little bit fake, the cymbal is the same volume every time and the high hat cuts through. It's good for demoing like your doing here so it's okay (I would look into some better software in the future. Logic has some good ones, try EZDrummer, Addictive Drums, there are tons just gotta google it I guess).

The actual song is good, I agree with the second verse comment, it should very a little, but it's good. I can clearly see the song even without vocals (which there should be, find someone and write words NAO). The solo is actually pretty good, playing wise, when you go into the fast part though it doesn't seem to flow, you should build up that and use the rest of the instruments to support it (build up to the speed!).

It's still a really good song though, it's great quality for a idea, you play very well.

Crit mine?

@Joey Radical - yeah the lead is abit sloopy played, only did 1 take on everything after i came up with the stuff to be able to hear it as a song, will do a bette recording later

@rockfan7 - I actually use Addictive Drums but i just use a standard preset, what can i change to make them sound less fake ?