The higher priced stuff is, but ya gotta watch out for the rest. Pretty much limits you to hard rock and heavy metal.
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Not my fave.
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As long as you only care for metal/making things metal, its really good. But if your trying to stretch yourself out, no
hit and miss. Personally, I own a vintage dean. It's a really great guitar. I have owned a few other deans as well. they were really horrible. but I have played a few in the store that played really well.

Here's some history. Dean Zelinky sold Dean guitars and now runs DBZ guitars. He sold the company (DEAN GUITARS) around 1998-1999.

I advice is NO, they are not, but everyone has different taste in guitars. But I would suggest trying it before you buy it.
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I can't say that I am a fan of Dean Guitars and gear. There higher quality stuff is good, but honestly, if you want a guitar that is cheap and plays well, you should get a laguna. It is not bad and is worth your money if you dont have enough to buy nice Gibson and Fender products. However, a dean guitar would not be my first choice.
Contrary to popular opinion/bandwagoning, I think they are actually really good guitars. I haven't played one that I haven't liked. Really, the only way to tell though is to go play the guitar for yourself, and see what you think.
i will leave quality up to the others, but i have never been impressed.

here is what i have experianced. every time i have looked at a dean guitar, i have found another guitar, that is usually cheaper or at least has better features, or higher quality, and bought that. i have no vendetta against dean, but IMO you don't get very much value for the cash you are laying out.

i would advise going for schecter, or jackson or ibanez (if you like thin necks) over dean. those companies, ESPECIALLY schecter, have alwayss impressed me a lot more.
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which color did you prefer. Those Jackson's look really sweet! If I were you, I would get a Jackson KV over the dean. But like a few guys in this thread have said. You really gotta make certain you are ONLY going to be playing Metal. These guitars you are looking at can suffice playing blues, or classic rock, but they are really only suited for metal. If I were you, I would watch a few videos on youtube, and compare the tones of a few Dean's, a few Jackson's, and whatever other guitar's being advised here in your thread.

Having said that, you should make a mental note of which guitars seemed to fit YOUR idea of what you are looking for. and keep narrowing down your list and eventually you will end up with 1 guitar that just stands out, and is second to none, in your opinion.

Now, all of us can say, "This guitar rocks, and that one sux." but at the end of the day, what we think could be the crappiest guitar ever made, could sound like angels singing in your ears.

It's all up to you.
Dean's quality control hasn't been up to par since Dean Zelinky left the brand.

I'd advise against Dean guitars (just my preference). If you are going to buy one it should be high end.
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Dean's quality control hasn't been up to par since Dean Zelinky left the brand.

I'd advise against Dean guitars (just my preference). If you are going to buy one it should be high end.

You're right. Mr. Zelinsky sold the company in 1998, I believe. And now he own's DBZ guitars, and from what I hear, those guitars are hot, hot, hot. I personally haven't even laid eyes on one, except in pictures. So, personally, I wouldn't know. But friends of mine, that went to NAMM last year, said they were amazing.
Some of the higher end deans are okay but they're usually not worth the price, I'd definitely go with the Jackson KV, those are amazing guitars, I think you'll be much happier with it
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What the topic says, is Dean a good brand?

I hate to sound like an a** but I hate every dean guitar I ever played. I go to a dealer who has a bunch of dean guitars most price ranges. I didnt like the dime guitars, didnt like the cheaper ones. Only thing dean even makes remotely decent is acoustics. The necks on deans IMO just suck. ANd the sound even on the Hard Tails (600 USD) suck so bad. THe pickups are crap also.

Im just one of those people who just dont like deans.

Oh and one more thing. Just because a lot of artists are going to dean now and talking about how great they are. The main reason they are doing that is because dean probably can fork out a hell of alot of cash to get them endorsed. Never go with a brand because of an artist you like. Go with a brand because you like the sound and it fits YOU! You aren't being paid by them, so find your own sound.
My first electric guitar was actually a Dean MLX I got for around $300. I was starting to learn the guitar around then and couldn't play a song worth a damn, but I did love the look of the body and neck. When others played the guitar, I loved the sound it would sing through the amp.

Was it quality? I couldn't tell you, but others seemed to think it was a good guitar, so even after years after that I'm still basing my opinion off of theirs.

If I still had the guitar today, I'd have my very own opinion on the brand; all I can say is, you can probably get a good one for a couple hundred bucks and decide from there to get a higher priced one.