Hey guys,

I've just bought myself a new amp, so I don't really need to keep the Valvetronix. It's now discontinued with the black standard grill - it's basically the brootal version of the standard Valvetronix. It's a 50 watt and it's got the dual 12 inch speakers too so it resembles an AC30 in size and appearance.

The tones are anything from hair metal and classic rock to djent and deathcore. It's a really good distorted amp - it's completely designed around that. It cleans up really nicely though having said that with the addition of a tonne of in built effects including:

- Octave
- Phaser
- Comp
- Chorus
- Delay
- Reverb
- Flanger
- Tremolo
- Rotary

You can also mix and match all these effects between each other, as well as between the 11 amp models which are:

- Funked
- Glass
- Buzzsaw
- Crunched
- Thrashed
- Raged
- Modern
- Fluid
- Molten
- Black
- Damaged

As you can probably guess, these effects are nice, tight distorted goodness. If you're looking for an ace sounding practice amp with that tube warmth, then this is ideal. You can also store two of your custom effects settings within the amp's memory and use the footswitch to instantly swap between them. It includes the footswitch too.

I've used this amp live three times, and it overpowered Manchester Roadhouse when cranked, so it's got plenty of juice too!

Condition wise, it's perfect other than a slight tear thanks to an airborne guitar at a gig... Here're some pictures out in the sun:

I'm looking for about £200 o.n.o. You can't find these on eBay even, so I'm guessing it's pretty rare now. Bit of a collector's item.

I'm located in Altrincham in Manchester so collection would be neat, but if you're up for arranging a courier that's totally cool with me. Throw me a PM if you're interested or email me at: kaiser_wilhelm@hotmail.co.uk
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