Hey guys, I'm selling my virtually unused Maxon tube screamer. If you're a fan of Periphery, this is the same pedal Misha uses to grab that djenty tone. The pedal just adds that fluid, tight boost to your tone.

Condition wise, the pedal is perfect other than a small scratch on the back. It includes box and all instructions and even the rubber base protector! It's essentially brand new.

Looking for £79 o.n.o with £4 postage which is a good £20+ off retail for a perfect condition pedal.

If you're interested, throw me a PM or send me an email at kaiser_wilhelm@hotmail.co.uk
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No trades?
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I guess it depends what you have to offer. Throw something out there buddy.
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mike rockstar - I would ship to Canada, but I'd have to get fancy insured post so that you'd get the thing! If you were prepared to split the shipping cost with me that wouldn't be a problem pal.

machin05 - Sorry dude. Your pedal is £100 less than the memory man new, so I couldn't take just £30.
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Oh shi- this isn't the Memory Man thread!

But still, I'm not really interested in a chorus pedal. Sorry machin.
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Sorry bud, I'm more of a tight djent fiend than a fuzzy guy.
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How much inc p+p?
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