This has got to be one of the nicest looking pedals ever with that baby blue Japanese rising sun graphic! It's absolutely perfect - it's been kept in a draw (blasphemy, I know) but I've just always used my practice amp's in built delay because my room's not really big enough for a permanent pedal board on the ground.

The delay on this thing is totally customisable to run backwards etc. and the looper is really easy to use and get used to. You can then raise or lower the blend volume so your loop is either screaming on top or just subliminal ambience. It's real neat.

I'm looking for £105 o.n.o with £5 postage because this thing is perfect. It's not got a mark on it and it comes with all original packaging and inserts which are untouched.

If you're interested wing me a PM or email me at kaiser_wilhelm@hotmail.co.uk
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