Hey UG, I feel like this is a real noob question.

So on my amp there is a dirty channel with a small "punch" switch to really push the gain into soloing/hi-gain applications. I've been using that for a while, but after fooling around i really like the punch switch off with the gain knob up high. Its got a nice gain and fat tone, but it's just shy of being gainy enough for the Satch-type leads I want. I'm thinking of getting an overdrive/boost/distortion pedal to push the gain further. Would a tubescreamer help? Or what about a Fulltone OCD?

I don't want more grit per say just more sustain and fullness to the sound.

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if you are going with a compressor, there are definitly better ones out there than boss (some even for less money). i am not thouroughly convinced that a compressor would be the way to go though.

we need to know a few things to help you.

what amp are you playing through (tube or ss)?
i konw you mentioned sach, but what genre will you be playing other than that?

as far as the OCD or Tube screamers go, they will only really help (at least optimally) if you are using a tube amp. if it is SS, it will still change the tone, but both of those pedals are designed to push tube amps harder.
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