Hi guys. For all the bugera lovers out there. Which one do you think is better. I'm looking into some trashy tones, as well as some mesa styled progressive DT tones as well as hardcore but also very nice lead tone. I was orginally gonna go with 6262 but i've tried the 6505 which the 6262 is based on, and i didn't quite like the lead tone. Do you think 333xl will be a better choice or should i go with the 6262
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I used to have a 333XL. Trust me, You'll really come to appreciate the 3rd channel. I'd say spring the extra $50 for it.

Be wary, the soldering is pretty shoddy, though. I've had to resolder 2 capacitors back to the board, and finding 3.05amp Fuses are a pain.
I am totally biased, but I say go for the 333XL. It will be more suitable for DTish stuff.
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the 333XL will handle lead tones much better and is capable of hardcore/trashy tones
i'd suggest getting an OD with it which ever one you get though
If you didn't like the 6505, I'd get the 333XL
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