my bro is looking for a decent pair of headphones to play his guitar and amp through, can you guys recommed any?

I just got some Sennheiser HD 205's, which sound pretty damn good. They also come with a 1/8 to 1/4th adaptor, so you can plug them into an amplifier. The cord is also incredibly long, which is great too, though if your brother doesn't want to pay $65 for a pair of phones, I'd highly recommend the Sony Studio Monitor headphones. They only cost $20 and have a nifty switch on the cord that lets you switch between mono and stereo, which is great for amps that don't have a stereo headphone output.
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I've had some bad experiences with Sennheiser's headphones, so now I only use Bose's.
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Sennheiser FTW. Bose is wayy overpriced.
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Bose is overpriced crap, don't get that.

AKG makes very nice headphones.

Agreed. I prefer hifi stuff over Bose.

AKG, Grado or even Denon will give a good balanced sound. A budget would be awesome, or I'll just suggest the Grado SR325i or B+W P5.
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Bose is overpriced crap, don't get that.

AKG makes very nice headphones.


For the money you can't go wrong with AKG

I bought a cheap set of the K-44's a few years back and they are some of the best headphones I've ever had.

Comfortable, simple, and they sound good. Under 20 bucks if I remember correctly.
You can probably get some Sony MDR V6s for that price. Very flat response curve is great for hearing exactly what you are playing.

Grado SR60is are good too, but they are an open back design so other people will be able to hear due to the high sound leakage compared to closed back cans.
Sennheiser 212's are what i bought a long time ago. they work great and sound balaned and full. i think they are like 60 USD.
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