This week's exercise is less a technique than it is a physical exercise. A major reason why a lot of riffs are boring is because there isn't a lot of movement. At any given time you're more likely to move to an adjacent fret or string than anywhere else on the fretboard. We do this because it's easier for our hands to manage - so what our mind is deciding to play is guided by our physical abilities. This means that how you incorporate your techniques will always be limited.

The goal of this exercise is to increase the flexibility of the fingers of your fretting hand so that when you go to write your riffs you can include a larger portion of the fretboard.

Here you go:

   1  2  3  4  1  2  3  4  1  2  3  4  1  2  3  4  

   1  2  3  4  1  2  3  4  1  2  3  4  1  2  3  4  


This pattern continues down to the 9th fret on the E string (or lower if you can manage - after you can play from the 9th fret easily try moving to the 7th fret). Goal tempo is 90 bpm in 8th notes. After you can do this cleanly and in time try increasing your speed.

Note: You want to keep your fingers on the fret board while you're playing. If you lift your fingers up after hitting a note (during a set) you won't be getting much out of this exercise.

I have attached a gpx file. I am having some trouble with GP5 so I can't attach a file for that as well, however like before you can pm me for a pdf of this exercise. As always feedback is appreciated.

Technique Exercise #1 - Melodic sweeping
Technique Exercise #2 - Finger Dexterity and Flexibility.gpx
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