ok i already posted this thread once but i can't find it so here it is again...

i've been playing now for about 3 yrs. mostly just chords and tabs... just recently i learned that i could play lead along time ago if i just found help about the box positions of scales (they just scared me back then) now im exploring my lead skills and want to work more to my sound which i feel (the genres in the title.)
i've been listening to this type of music ever since i was in prolly second or first grade.. so i've been running there melodies in my head my whole life even got to the point i added another guitar to there band (only in my mind tho) just doing some runs at the end/beginning of verses and a nice melody solo in my head.... if you asked me 3 yrs ago if i would ever be able to play in a band of this genre i would have laughed. However things have changed now im ready for the next level.. which hopefully by the end of the yr i will have enough faith in my own playing to be in a band.... but i think playing with ppl who also like this genre will help especially if theres any theory anyone knows about these styles or patterns that exist in them.

if anyone wants to record some backing tracks for this genre that would be a nice start... seems simple enough just a jam session backing track.. all we need is a drummer, bassist and maybe another guitarist to make some pretty good tracks that would help us all out.. especially me

below is a list of the bands sound i like and what i like bout them to give you an idea how i would construct music... after im there (to where i can play what i hear in my head with some ease.)
Chiodos (like the double octive riffs, interlude things and breakdowns and how they change the complete sound of a song half way through (no hardcore dancing) (plus they got a new singer so cant wait to hear him and some new stuff

senses fail older songs (like how the rhythm guitar is always changing ie shark attack)

A band you prolly have not heard of, The Confession (A7X worked with them a lil) they put out 2 cds i was only able to listen to the second one but the guitar work on it is GREAT. love the lead

another band that isn't big yet that has a good sound is throw the fight. nice sounding lead.

s.o.a.d (like almost everything ... but mainly the lead parts that have a middle eastern feel... like badass circus music haha. (anyone know what scales he likes)

LB (lOVE the artifical harmonics the lead parts wes does play and all the chours')

Bullet for my valentine (think they use the minor scale alot,, and i love the minor scale) the posin was just breath taking ... everysong nearly perfect i wouldn't change a thing. but they did lol guitar work is still amazing ... singing while playing that fast.. and never looking down.. never.. this a skill i don't have yet.

atreyu- there new cd amazing i never heard atreyu have this meaningful lyrics and prolly their best guitar playing in my opinon... best cd of theirs

escape the fate this war is ours cd .... pretty dang good...(i like the intervals the lead uses and their sweep picking sounds nice, solos are screaming)

i am not to the level to where i can sit down and make a good riff in the genre... i feel like i need to hear a nice bass line and pretty rocking drum beat and it would make the notes come to my head then its just a short job to find the relationship of the notes so i can visualize if i need to go up/down, how many steps... gimme a week of that work and i'll have the basics to fat original band(hehe these are lyrics)

submit a comment if fan of this type of music.
and we'll see were this thread goes-hopefully somewhere
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