i haven't listened to much indie music. But i have a indie backing track and i like that alot (i try to play to the drum beats for some reason seems like it sounds better atleast on this one backing track) anyway im wondering of the great guitarist in this genre are?
on a side note does anyone know the band cage the elephant? there in my guitar mag this month and are from KY.... are they any good, it says they're unstoppable and they look indie..i guess
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Ther're not great, The Drums are a decent American indie band. Theres loads of great indie guitarists though, have a look at any of Johnny Marr's stuff.
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Of course it is, but that doesn't mean that there aren't guitarists that are generally accepted as being incredibly talented.
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The godfather of indie guitar has to be Johnny Marr from the Smiths, some brilliant songs there, he also played with modest mouse and is now with the cribs, all successful indie bands.

Cage the elephant are average at best, aint no rest for the wicked is a good song though.

Listen to some blur, born ruffians, dananananaykroyd, the libertines, modest mouse, the shins, the stone roses, the strokes and vampire weekend. These have some relatively good guitarists, but with indie its more about the song as a whole.
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yea well i think every band no matter what genre is about the overall song.. i see barely any difference in genre from a musician stand point... its mainly what distortion you like and your playing speed.
but yea i was just wanting some guitarist who guitar work flows and has good lead work.. not just chords (but if you knew bands that made nice work out of advanced chords.. like 9's and 11 chords, i'd like to hear them and see how they make use of the chords.)
thanks for the ones that got listed i'll check em out..
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guys like Thurston Moore, Lee Ronaldo, J Mascis, and Kevin Shields are objectively great, they've basically helped define "indie".

For other guys definitely check out Nels Cline (currently playing with Wilco, check out the song Impossible Germany), Stephen Malkmus, Joseph Ferocious (of Cymbals Eat Guitars), and Isaac Brock
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so far i like johnny marrs melody picking... kinda some cool vids about him on youtube..
doug martsch is kind of an indie-rock/alt guitar god. j mascis is awesome as well.
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No one's mentioned Jonny Greenwood? Fantastic guitarist.

However, as many people have already said, Indie guitarists are less likely to do superfast technical solos so there are often judged on their songwriting more than their technical ability.
why does jonny greenwood have such hate for the guitar??
every other vid i seen he just killed it- spinning from the chord and stepping on the neck.. wow to have the money..
if you're looking for guitarists that play the guitar in more unorthodox ways than other genres maybe look into some of these:

-Jim O'Rourke (check out the album "Bad Timing" or the EP "Halfway to a Threeway")


-Joan of arc (or really anything kinsella related): check out "everything all at once" or "boo human" for some amazing guitar playing.


-dirty projectors (albums can be rather varied but "Bitta Orca" has some great stuff on it)


-Fugazi (from "Red Medicine" on the guitars got very intricate)


M. Ward. ( all of his albums are littered with John Fahey Rip offs which are awesome)


Modest Mouse (Listen to any of their early albums, his use of harmonics is unmatched)


Sonic Youth (They paved the way for alt/ indie bands to explore alternative tunings among other things)


as mentioned before Wilco (since "A Ghost is Born" there's been more difficult guitar work)


other people to check out, My bloody valentine, dinosaur jr. pavement, sigur ros, and built to spill. There are tons more i could name
Yes i definitely agree with anyone who said Johnny Marr. This Charming Man is the perfect example of his style.
Thurston Moore, Lee Ronaldo, Daniel Rossen (to an extent, I really like his playing style, doesn't do any lead stuff, though), Johnny Greenwood, Johnny Marr, John Squire.

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As far as virtuosos go, The Dirty Projectors have excellent guitar stuff. It's like Math Zeppelin or something. Minus the Bear has great guitarists too. I was listening to The Smiths today and I realized Johnny Marr is a criminally under-rated guitarist. These guitarists aren't just "indie" but have tons of technical competence, more than a lot of metal guitarists. (Matt from MtB was actually in the Metal/Math-core band Botch...)
I don't know if Portugal. The Man would be considered indie, but their guitarist (and singer), John Baldwin Gourley, he's great. Heavy fuzz, effects, blues based riffs kindof characterize his style. A very clever singer.