Hey guys,

So I have come across a Dean Markley Overlord Classic OverDrive Model 3 pedal(not the one with the 12AX7 in it, http://www.effectsdatabase.com/model/deanmarkley/overlord3). Long story short I didn't pay anything for it (which is always a good thing), and I can't get it to work

When I brought it home, I gave it a wipe down, opened it up to make sure nothing was visibly fried on the PCB and nothing was. I threw a battery in it, plugged it in and nothing worked (I checked cables and multiple batteries). I clicked it on and the LED came on but no sound came through my amp. After that, i tried it with a 9V ac adapter. The only sound that came through my amp was a really loud hum, and no matter what I did to the knobs it wouldn't go away. Anybody know what's wrong with it?

Also, on the back there is a sticker with what appears to be a serial number on it (5 digits), but when I took the batter cover off, there was another set of numbers scratched into the paint (11 digit). Would these second set of numbers have come from Dean Markley? What do they mean?

Furthermore, when I opened it up, I noticed there was only one wire going to the output jack (likely a hot to the tip). It doesn't lok like there was anything soldered to the ground, but could this cause any problems? Also in my frustration, I managed to rip the positive terminal off the PCB, now I get to fix that

Sorry if this makes no sense. Any info you guys have on this pedal woud be appreciated. There is nothing out there for these things. I will try to get some pictures up in a little while.
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