Good evening everyone, I have a new song I have been working on,


Soundcloud link, so you can stream or download it.

Please do tell me what you think of it, in the way of structure, mixing, all that stuff.

Thank you very much, and link me to your stuff that I may listen to it as well
****ing sick! I was getting into that, that's probably the best thing I've heard on here yet. I'd most definitely listen to this. Every instrument is you? I loved everything about the song, especially the way it built up to the last part. Keep on keeping on, man. What are you using to record?

I posted a new thing the other day. It's the one on my profile called Books, Read, Good. There's a thread for it, https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1330484
Very very good, the song is very nice and it seems to flow very well (criting while I listen), is that you actually playing drums or just software? There good either way, just wondering.

It has a really nice structure, I wish something was there when everything else drops out around 1:45, like a long cymbal or reverb or something, it felt kind of empty. The build up is very nice, I love that palm muted chord progression and it's a build up that actually pays off, nice. It's good til' the end.

It may be a LITTLE repetitive, probably be awesome with vocals (depending on the voice, the words, melody, and such haha) but over all it is structured great and sounds great.

Crit mine?
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Thank you dude! Yeah I played everything, drums are programmed though

I record in Reaper with my amp mic'd up with an SM58 and then Addictive Drums for the beats.

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Duly noted about the quiet section, I'll put some delicious sound in there to make it a bit less empty. I do vocals sometimes, but when I'm doing post rock stuff I try make it interesting without them, so I'll try keep your mind off the no vocals a bit more, I'll see what I can do about that
Rockfan47, post rock is usually stuff like Pelican which is instrumental.

Katphish, I like how it gets quiet there. I mean if you were really wanting to add something, maybe add an extra little lead line about halfway through the quiet section. To do that live all you would need would be a little looper pedal. I've never heard of Reaper but the SM58 sounds good as always.
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This is fantastic man, great sound - it actually sounds very professional! Can't say too much on the composition and mixing (I'm no expert) but it really does sound like something a post-rock band might make. Nice