So, I'm pretty much at the end of my musical rope and am willing to take any suggestions anyone can give.

Long story short, after almost 5 years of playing and practicing guitar consistantly, I began having problems playing even basic chord progressions. My fingers would catch on strings, they seemed unexplicably weak, hammer ons and pulls offs became almost impossible, etc. After nearly 5 years of serious study, switching to A, D, E should not be a problem.

My doc noticed lots of inflammation in my hand. He diagnosed me with trigger finger. I rested it for several months, popped prescription Aleve for awhlie, got cortizone injections and eventually, a few weeks back, had surgery to correct the problem.

The problem is... the surgery hasn't corrected the problem. Yes, it's easy to say "give it time," but my doc pretty much said I'd know immediately whether it had fixed the problem or not. I wouldn't need extensive hours of playing to rehab my hand or to figure out if it had worked. I've been getting my "feet wet" so to speak, picking up the guitar all week after the wound healed enough to do so... and I don't notice even the slighest difference. Except I'm $1,000 co-pay in the hole. The joints are tight, my hands as a whole don't work any better than before the surgery. The surgery wound is not the issue... I'm pretty much back to my normal routine with my hand, minus a developing scar.

I don't want to give up guitar... but I don't know that I have any other options...

Any orthopaedics here? Anyone who's "been there"?
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Medical Marijuana?
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Medical Marijuana?

Only answer.

OT: Never had anything like that, but that sounds scary. Sorry, man.
sorry to hear that.... : (..

if it is only your left hand that is affected, you could try learning to play lefty...
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First off, I'm terribly sorry, I can't imagine how bad it must be to not be able to play.

As for what to do, I really can't think of anything besides trying to get a second opinion from another doctor, preferably something not surgical obviously, possibly some finger exercises? I don't know, but even if the guy was joking with medicinal marijuana, I wouldn't rule that out, it's not much different than Aleve (only better)...
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sorry to hear that.... : (..

if it is only your left hand that is affected, you could try learning to play lefty...

You know, the thought has crossed my mind. The thought of basically starting over and working another 5 years just to get where I am now is not something I'd look forward to... but I've definitely considered that may be a better option than walking away... hmmm...