Great Job!
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Hey guys, been listening to a lot of ambient electronic stuff so I thought I'd give it a try. It's a bit short but I think I'd prefer this one that way.
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Something awkward.
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I don't have much time for critting but pretty cool and original stuff (in GP at least). Nice use of the effects and instruments, of course in a song like this it's always gonna be repetitive but you made it interesting. Good job.

Just a tip, when you use wide vibrato it cancels any whammy bar effect you have, so some of those track 1 chords probably didn't work the way you wanted...
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This song was really cool. It was ambient and relaxing even for a GP song. I had my doubts when those chords kept repeating, but then when you brought the vibraphone in for the first time, I started to enjoy it more. Changing up the instruments and adding in the time change made things a lot more interesting. The way you did the drums was great too. There's not really much else to say, but great job. This may be one of my favorites from you since "Layers."

This song uses electronic drums a bit too.