Hey everyone,
Yesterday I purchased the Epiphone EJ-200CE from my local music store. I'm absolutely in love with it, it looks incredible, and it sounds great. The action is decent on it, but wondering if theres a way to get it a bit lower? My main concern is doing it without getting fret buzz (at least up till the twelfth fret). What are ways in which i can accomplish this? From what I've read my best bet is replacing, or sanding down the saddle, is this a good idea? Any recommendations are appreciated, thank you!
adjusting the height of the saddle and nut are the only way to adjust action. how low you can get without buzz depends on your own playing style. someone who plays harder needs more space between the strings and the frets. i'd recommend getting another nut and saddle to work on, and keeping the originals if you're unsure. find out more about how to do this at frets.com
thank you so much! i may just sand the saddle down to see how it changes, worst comes to worst i can replace it right?
go to frets.com and find out - i'm not an expert, but we do lower the action on most of our guitars at both nut and saddle.