I have only been playing guitar for two and a half year now (17 years old now), but here's my newest guitar rock instrumental with a huge amount of energy putted into it!

I really hope you enjoy it!

I would be very happy with a review of the instrumental!

Sincerely, Mark Railton
Have a great time!
I feel that the song structure is really predictable and that is off putting. I do however like some of the riffs, I feel you repeat that one riff too many times. Try expanding! It's a good riff but it gets worn out really fast. It sounds very good, I like the tone and from a timing standpoint you're dead on.

Sorry if this isn't what you want to hear. It sounds from your playing that you could do a hell of a lot more than what you did with this song. I want to come back to the fact that this is approached very well and done very well, but it's just too repetitive for my tastes. I put up part of a new song as well that I'm working on with a friend and I'd appreciate crit.

^ He nailed it. Nice rhythm and bass tones though. Lead tone irks me. The solo's crazy!
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