In my profile, it's called Richard Fix Said "Butterflies Burn In Stomach Acid".

At least I tried to fit that all on there (darn character limits :peace

Anywho, I have been trying to branch out my song styles and I was listening to a lot of Kings Of Leon (the old stuff, mainly Youth & Young Manhood, great great songs on there) and The Killers.

So the style is based off old Kings Of Leon, kind of country rock-ish I dunno, I even panned the same way as them.

And lyrically I was influenced by The Killers (I always have been though)

So yeah, a different direction than my last swing tune (All this is technically swing I guess or at least it swings anyway), I realize the recording isn't to great on this one, my mic seems to be getting worse and the background hum is unbearable so I have to use this denoiser that removes all the noise PERFECTLY, but makes up with adding these awful high pitch noises on the s- or sh- words, and I used a pop-filter so sorry.

So C4C as always, I really hope you like it

Edit: Whoopsies looks like I mixed it to loud so it's kind of distorted, I'll try bouncing it lower sorry.
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Not a bad tune man, not bad at all. I like it alot! I've listened to it twice now The vocals are well done, the guitars and drums are done well too. Its well written too, I'm hearing loads of talent here man! Great stuff! KEEP IT UP!

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the song sounds really good, really like how the drums came out, how did you record them?
There actually software (I love when people ask me that, makes me feel good about my drum programming :p)

I think this certain kit, is on the Apple Jam Pack Rhythm Section (It's okay a little to pricey for 5 decent kits, a few good basses, and some guitars), and is called the studio tight kit.

So yeah, it took me maybe a hour to write (adding notes and velocity on a piano roll) the drum parts, and some more time to edit it (I've been doing this for a while, it use to take days x.x)
Ah I see, your drummer (if you have one) might not appreciate being replaced by the machine though :p
Hi, thanks for your comment !

Your song is good man, it sounds like a real song ! To be honest, that's not my kind of music, but I think you did a very good job !
I don't have anything more to say about it, since I don't see how you can make it better.

Great job !
Hey man, listening to it now. As soon as it started I liked it already!

Please fix your microphone You kinda remind me of a band from around here called The Otherwise, but I'd rather listen to your stuff

A totally sweet jam, what can I say that's bad except fix your damn mic, and keep on making songs, because you write some good stuff!
Thx for the crit.

I agree with the above posters, this is really good, especially the bass lines those are superb I didn't like the vocals at first but after listening to it a few times it becomes better. Personally i think it would have been cool with a really fast solo together with a faster riff, but the current solo is still a good one.
I've never been one for a speedy solo, unless it's like a tremolo picking thing or a fast run through up/down a scale. I did have a faster section actually, but it didn't flow very well so I took it out. I think it's because I put the tempo to 90 and it's really in double time the whole time besides the verses and prechorus.

I'm surprised with these crits, my friend says it sucks
Not my taste of music at all, but I think it's well executed from an objective point of view. The drums were very well programmed, among the best I've heard here on UG (although I don't spend too much time on here to be honest). The guitars/bass were solid as well though, I would however recommend trying to use a bit more vibrato when you solo. That's an issue I've had over the years (and still have, anyway) but it's good to be aware of! Work on your vocals though, sounds a bit like your constipated at times But I guess it's hard to judge as you said you have problems with your mic.

Overall, solid performance!
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