Hey, I've got an Epiphone guitar with a Tune'o'matic bridge. The frets around 17-21 don't have any sustain. It barely even sounds. They don't sound the way the note should and It doesn't sound the notes when I bend. Is it my frets? Bridge? Something else? Can someone help me please!!
Sounds like you might need a truss rod adjustment. I'd bring it to a tech and have them set it up.
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It could be your bending or the shape of the guitar itself itself, I have a bit of a problem sustaining bends on the 19th fret and up on any guitar except for maybe a V...what kind of guitar are you playing?
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maybe your neck's bowed a bit. Truss rod adjustment needed for that. Try to see if your necks straight
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His guitar probably does need a truss rod adjustment. I used to own an Epi Les Paul and had the same problem when I first got it. And while I hated that guitar to death, it did have pretty good sustain.
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Might be a problem with intonation and/or action.
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Chances are this isn't a truss rod adjustment issue, even though it could be as stated by most people in this thread. Some necks have a very slight swelling after the joint between the body and the guitar that affects the highest frets. in this case, what you'll need is a fret level.

you can check the truss rod by fretting down the first fret on the low e, and also fret the low e at the fret where the body meets the neck. At the top of the 7th fret(the actual fretwire), you're supposed to be able to slide a .013 string through with ease. A lot of people swear by a credit card to be able to slide through, but some necks can take it as low as a .010 string.

If you've got more than a credit card's width, you need to thighten it very slightly (1/8th of a turn at a time - lefty loosey, righty thighty) and less would mean you would need to slack it up a bit.

another issue could be that the string actually touches the pickups on the guitar when you fret the highest frets. this is very easy to check and pretty self explanatory. If this is an issue, then the measurements are as follows: Fret your guitar at the last fret. Distance from the string to the neck pickup polepieces should be 1/16th of an inch at the neck, and 3/32th of an inch on the bridge pickup. Note that height is also a question of taste, but the ones i mentioned are the "default" height used by gibson stock from factory

Edit: it could also be your action, but i doubt it as the rest of your neck is fine(?)

In any case, try something like 2.5 mm string height at the last fret of your guitar when the string is not fretted. anything below that is considered pretty low, and if it's a cheap guitar or a poor fretjob anything below that is going to cause problems.

Good luck solving your problem
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