So my aunt found a ~30 year old Yamaha acoustic in her garage and asked if I wanted it. Of course I said yes...I put some new strings on it and it plays pretty well. It has a nice sound. The intonation is off though...is this just from putting the wrong gauge strings on it? Or is something else at play? I mean it's not been touched in decades, so I figure something could have shifted in that time.

So basically, how do I go about finding what the problem is, and then fixing it? I'm not too good at mechanical type things, so would I just be better off taking it into a shop and having them do it?
id take it to a shop, they know what they're doing, know how to identify and fix problems, and if they mess it up then they know what steps to go through to repair it. there's no way anyone can see your problem anyway without pics. sorry, if you provide pics we might be able to give you better advice, but as of now, i'd say take it to a tech.
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best way to fix intonation on an acoustic is by bringing it into someone who knows what they're doing. Unless you happen to be a luthier...which by the nature of this question I'm to assume you're not. Just bring it in to a shop or something, they should be able to fix it.

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