Hi, just recorded this earlier today while I was playing with pro-tools essential, tried some new stuff to improve the recording quality so please crit and let me know what you think and of course if you have anything you want me to crit just leave a link or tell me where to go
I would put the guitar so high up in the mix, it almost over powers the vocals.

Very nice vocals, recorded very well, I hear a little vocal distortion when they get louder though, just turn the input down or stand farther away from the mic and you'll get less of that.

I like the song, it's very nice, nothing really innovative , but it's still really nice. I like the lyrics too.

Crit mine?
Awesome acoustic tune dude. Great voice is well. I enjoyed that. Would love to hear a lead guitar melody creeping in there to add an extra dimension but it's not really necessary cos it's a vocal based track. Reminded me of a tune by Box Car a bit. Nothing really to crit so I'll just say great work.


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Returning the crit!

Not my music taste at all, but well played/sung!
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