As I stand here breathing the atmosphere
I see your face and in my ear
Your voice I hear and it's telling me to love you

Your face it fades into the clouds
But your voice is still shouting out
You're screamin' now, "Love me like I love you"

So I walk about try to tune you out
It's probably just another bout
Of this disease that I've named "Voices Inside My Head"

Days go by and your voice it fades
To another place just like your face
But it's not gone, no it's ringing in my ears

The ringing stops and I miss your voice
I miss your face it seems I've got no choice
I've got to see you, I miss everything about you

Then your face appeared out of the mist
And those lips of which I've never kissed
Whispered softly but I couldn't make out the words

Then your voice shot through me with a shock
And I realized all that I had lost
I want you back, I'm tired of this cold emotion

I get the nerve to speak to you
And I think of all that we've been through
And I realized then, I realized that I love you.
Man...this is some deep stuff. I've been having a lot of problems with my girlfriend, ex girlfriend now, and...this really sounds sincere, I love it man.


If you can give me a crit on mine I'll be really thankful, maybe get some pointers if you see anything that could be worked out better on mine.

Yes, poop.