I need help im looking on the market to buy a new amp. Im broke but im planning on selling my bassman 100 head and 1960av marshall cab. Not sure how much i can get for the combo but im looking at a 59 bassman reissue, vox ac30, and an ampeg reverberocket. I play up beat indie so let me know whet amp is best or if id be best sticking with my current rig.
Alot of indie bands use AC30s, that dosn't mean it's the right amp for you though.
To be honest you have a good amp anyway, that will probably pull off most of the things that you wanna do, but there must be a reason that you wanna change it?

The Blackstar Venue series are abit poo if you ask me, they're more versatile than the amps already mentioned, but they don't do anything particularly amazingly.
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