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mine would be a costume built Jackson RR with skull graphics
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mines is almost complete manson replica, fully mirrored, Bareknuckle pickups, and a built in Fuzz Factory... its like Megan Fox in guitar form
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Quote by KingHenrik1967
mines is almost complete manson replica, fully mirrored, Bareknuckle pickups, and a built in Fuzz Factory... its like Megan Fox in guitar form

So it's going to have stubby knobs?

Mine would be a custom Jackson Kelly made of swamp ash, not sure on the pick ups yet but a single single configuration with two volume knobs and a blend. 25.5 scale, 24 frets and custom inlays: A Yak-3 on the 1-3 shooting down 2 BF-109G2s on the 10-13 and 15-20. The body is a glossy evening sky purple. The neck is maple but painted a gloss light grey.
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See sig. (The LPC, not the Schecter) Minus the stress cracks, and to have it how it was almost 50 years ago.
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A few vintage guitars would be nice, or replicas of them.

So I guess a luthier made '52 Esquire relic, A '54 Strat relic, and a '62 Strat relic. All would be modernized some for my comfort.

A Les Paul would be nice. I've been looking at a '59 Reissue as my next guitar purchase... or a '64 ES335 ala Clapton.

Though I guess if we're talking about custom, I wouldn't mind a custom semi-hollow. I was thinking something like the shape of the Santana model by PRS, turned into a semi hollow with a flatter radius and thicker neck. Those Narrowfield pickups also seem real cool, so I would probably have that as the pickups. Wound for my tastes, of course.
Changes all the time to be honest, at the minute I'm loving the idea of a Vigier Excalibur or a Suhr Modern. Both with some kind of dark burst over a quilt maple top.
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So it's going to have stubby knobs?

Beat me to it hahah
For me, take a japanese ESP Alexi (idk what color, but all gold or silver hardware depending on color), with an OFR made by Schaller, a seymour duncan JB, Blackout, or EMG 81, with a coil split. Body painted, neck glossed, frets 17-24 scalloped, creme or white binding, and a low set up for D standard
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Dream guitar is a '59 Les Paul. With the best wood and pick ups available. Chances of getting this is insane haha. But I'll settle for any les paul with amazing quality.
My dream guitar would be an exact repilca of George Harrison's Les Paul "Lucy", god I love that guitar
there's couple of threads here already.
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Already got it

man i looked at that thread some time ago and i remember how i was GASing for that guitar!

it looks lovely!

my dream guitar, i aint got none because i would like all the guitars i can possibly have damn, but for now i totally love my gibson les paul standard!
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there's couple of threads here already.

why do people post in threads just to complain that there's another thread on it? what does it accomplish, other than making you look like a wannabe moderator?

I don't really have a specific dream guitar although i do have a real soft spot for mahogany bodied double cutaway guitars with dual humbuckers.

that could include anything from the Ibanez Artist series to the Yamaha SG, Gibson SG, les paul double cutaway and so on and so forth.

I think the guitar i'm finding myself desiring most is a burny SG, the sound really was the closest thing i've found to my ideal tone, it just went well with the way i play. I think I actually liked it better than my les paul studio - now that's a real serious thing. i MUST have that guitar.
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