Well I have a Jackson JS30DKT, Specs are
Alder body, 25.5" scale length, Rosewood fingerboard, anything else-just ask.
My question is, I really love EMG's, should I replace the 2 CVR2's with an 81 and an 85? Or just buy a new guitar, specifically the H-351FR by ESP.
Current Gear:
Schecter SGR C-7 (Pickups swapped for Dimarzo D Activators)
Marshall MG100DFX Amp
Other Stuff:
Jackson DXMGT(My discontinued baby)
Jackson JS30DKT
Crescent Strat copy(first guitar)
Crate GX15
Up to you.

Do you like how it plays? If so, yeah change out hardware/pickups.

If not, new guitar. Easy as that.