ok so i have been trying to use a metronome for about a month now but when ever i do it i always seem off with the metronome. and i dont have to many timing issues i play in my chruch choir and have no problems with time. do u guys have any simple excercises i cood use to get dialed in with the metronome

Play scales.
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...you are just getting carried away...practicing with a metronome can take focus. but it is for the best in the end.

Using a metronome is simple..you just listen to the clicks to keep on beat.

Try slowing it down and then play. Then gradually move up in speed.
My advice is to set the metronome at about 60 or 80 (which ever is more comfortable for you) and then play one note per click. Then once you are comfortable with that, double the notes so its 2 notes per click. Do that until your comfortable and more on to 3 notes per click then to 4 notes per click. Then increase the speed of the metronome slightly by like 5 clicks per minute.

Hope that helps!