Hey I am looking for a good place to download some mp3 drum tracks to jam along too. I want to record some stuff, so I want mp3 files that I can download and burn to a cd then upload onto my mixer and jam over top of. I don't plan on making any money off these recordings, and eventually will want to change the drums to be original, I just want something to give myself an idea and a tempo for jamming. Anyway if someone knows of a good site let me know. If it is something you feel you may get in trouble for sharing in the forum, please private message me with the details...thank you!
I dont have it or have the money to buy it, let alone the time to figure out how to use it...basically im borrowing this mixer for the next week and need a quick fix to this problem...i just want to focus on guitar solely but need some drums to draw some tempo ideas...preferrably ones that change up from time to time throughout the piece