I feel this is more active the previous song I've posted.
I plan on continuing this but I have no ideas for where to go right now.
So, I thought I'd get some comments on it before I do anything else.
Well, that's all I can really say. I'm not exactly aiming for a genre but what I posted in the title is the best description I can give.

GP5: Download
GP4: Download
TuxGuitar: Download
Very interesting to listen to. I kept listening with my eyes getting wider and wider thinking "what the shit". It's random, but it retains a structure. I'd love to hear a final product.
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I think this piece needs a bit more focus because it jumps all over the place without allowing things to settle down. You have some good ideas but you don't allow them to develop and you move on to the next thing.

Transitions need some work to fix the flow because the song seems to go nowhere. Maybe when you change that 6/4 riff by lowering the tempo, you could also vary it in some way to make it cooler and counteract that sudden slowdown.

Just work on making it sound more together instead of how disjointed it is now. You have some awesome ideas, just find a way to connect them.

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The riffs were very cool, but they didn't seem to flow very well from one to the other. I think it needs some more structure, something to make it flow together better.
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Took my last shot at this tonight.
I'm really liking it. If it sounds any better recorded, I'm definitely keeping it.
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I enjoy so much of it and hate a lot of it too.. you ruin good riffs by not letting them have a structure or any repetition and it honestly seems like you are trying to hard to be w/e genre you are aiming for..

Good riffs:
Riff at 2-19, 38, 41-45

I dont dislike the rest bc they are discordant by any means. I usually love it. When used properly.
As a song i give this a 6.5/10
Lots of room for improvement