Okay so im saving up for either a new guitar or new amp and i would like to know which has a better effect on your tone? I have a cheap line 6 spider 3 amp but its good for practice which is what im doing, and i have a boss metalcore ml-3 pedal, and a 250 dollar bc rich warlock, ive been playing for 2 years and gotten pretty good so whats better for tone a new amp or guitar? thanks(:
amp will have more of an impact on overall tone than any other peice of musical gear....besides maybe a whole PA setup or a multi effects unit.

its like a car. the amp is the engine driving the sound out. you want a rice rocket? you gotta drop a crazy engine in that civic.

getting new pedals is like....upgrading your sound system. a new guitar would be like....um...sending your car to "Pimp My Ride"????
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as long as your guitar doesnt completly suck, your amp will make a bigger difference.

however if the guitar is really really bad or unplayable or whatever, a new guitar will make the bigger improvment.

with a $250 guitar, its probably passable, so i would get a new amp.
hmm alright thanks guys (: any suggestions on amps? i got about 500-600 to spend
ok im really stretching with that analogy.

but yeah your guitar needs to play well. thats the first thing. if there are dead frets etc thats def. not good for sound
What are your styles, genres, influences, etc? What "sound" are you looking for? That's the first question you need to answer.
def metalcore such as as i lay dying/august burns red/killswitch stuff like that
Peavey 6505+ 112 or Vypyr Tube 60...
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As long as the neck is comfortable to play for you personally, then the amp is FAR more important.

In my opinion, you can make a crappy guitar sound good through a decent amp. But even the best guitars money can buy won't sound good through a crappy amp, like a Line 6 Spider.

So as long as you like the feel of your guitar, you should buy a new amp.

For the style of music that you mentioned, the most common and generic amp would be a Peavey 6505 as already mentioned. Sounds perfect for that style.

Get one of those.
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