i currently play a bugera 333xl head with the matching 4x12 cab and i like the tone alot! but i want to purchase a better more high end cab.

Ive looked around online at mesa rect. and some marshall 1960a, Jcm and such cabs but i still cant decide. I play lead classic rock and blues rock.

what is a good cab to pair with the 333xl for classic/blues rock???
Has anyone tried any cabs that can give me the bitching sound im looking for???
tell me your experiences
Most likely something with V 30's. Like my Mesa Recto cab. Where are you located?
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hey steve,
how is the sound on the recto? I actually came close to buying one today but decided id get a few second opinions first (ie, this thread). Does the recto have enough clarity and attack? and what kind of music do you play steve?

and im located in orange county, ca
buy your cab used and you'll save a ton
the rector cabs are great but have a lot of bass response which is suited towards metal
its not a bad thing just you pay a lot more money for it and the 1960A cabs go for quite cheap
i found a mesa recto for 400 used which is a great deal! but i just want to get what sounds best, im willing to pay extra for what i want.

the few marshalls ive looked at have been at least that much
you'll likely find mesa's and marshal's used for around 400. that's a good price. most other cabs don't show up as often used. the mesa is better then the marshall in my opinion. If you're looking for a good deal and don't want to deal with shipping then grab the mesa.
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will the added bass response of the mesa get in the way of non-metal tone?? im going for classic rock/ blues rock. will the mesa work well for that too?
ya it will just use the eq on your amp.
the mesa doesn't have that much more bass really just a little bit of added thump.
if you had a mesa slant and a marshal slant side by side the mesa would sound a little bigger and tighter. the marshall would be airy and a bit looser.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
well when you put it that way the mesa sounds like what i want. (=

can anyone give me any reason i wouldnt want a mesa? lol
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well when you put it that way the mesa sounds like what i want. (=

can anyone give me any reason i wouldnt want a mesa? lol

They're big and heavy?
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212 combos are also big and heavy.
112 combos as well. the mesa ed is like lifting a bag of bricks.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
is there anyone who has tried the bugera 333xl on a mesa or marshall? or any other recomendable cab for that matter?