Hey guys,

I have been playing guitar for 5 years now and about a year or two ago, I was told that my alternate picking was incorrectly done - it should be up down up down up down throughout the whole piece;
What I have been doing is this: I if downstroke the B string and the next note is on the E string, I will downstroke that as well which goes against the up down up down structure.

To me it makes more sense because your not wasting time by passing the string, then picking it on the upstroke. I also do this on scales as well. Up until know i didnt really care but now i am wondering if this could should be corrected before I spend more time trying to play faster.

Up down is much more natural and economical then downpicking. That will give u better speed in the long run. I'd relearn :P It's not gonna take u long anyways because up down is much more natural then down down.
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It's a really individual thing dude. If it works for you, then great. You should try both methods and see what you prefer. One technique won't necessarily work or be best for everyone.
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the term for what you're doing is economy picking, which some people say is better than alternate picking. it's not at all a problem though, and if that's what works for you, than go for it.
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Keep in mind down picking isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes the style of attack it creates is ideal.
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Yeah that's economic picking if you do that for every string all the time.

You're already playing the economic picking right so just practice the alternate picking now and boom. You got 2 different picking styles down.
Whoa, I think this is like the fastest response I have ever seen in a forum. Awesome!

My main concern is obsticles that will restrain me from playing faster as I seem to be stuck at around 95bpm (in sixteenth notes) I dont want to start practicing to reach a faster goal if My form is incorrect. But Thanks for the advice, i will keep playing on!
If you can do 95 BPM with just down strokes, you will be able to do a lot more once you get the hang of alternate picking...

For alternate picking, a good starting exercise is to do scales on a single string. I do the C major scale on every string in groups of three, naming each note as I go. This accomplishes three things; I learn all the natural notes on each string, I improve my ability to change positions quickly, and I learn note locations.
Hey Stone, I think there is a slight misunderstanding with what I was saying. I dont pick just downstrokes, I do alternate, but not in the conventional up-down-up-down sense, I would say an example of mine would be up-down-down-up-down-up....depending on the notes...
Well, some players do something similar to you - except where you do 2 downs they would do one smooth down that hits both notes without separate motions. If you ever actually do two downs you're holding yourself back - but economy picking is quite common and is certainly not a bad habit.