I think i'm feeling some mild pain in my finger joints on my fretting hand and now in my wrist and upper arm as well. The thing is i just read about all the hand problems like carpel tunnel, osteoarthiritis, and tendonitis, got worried about getting these problems, and now i'm coincidentally feeling pain in my hand right after. And i know i have a tendency to worry unecessarily about things like this. I'm 20 years old so i think only carpel tunnel would be likely. I practice about 2 hours a day and i have done so for the last year. Only now am i feeling pain. I'm just not sure if it's real or in my head, because i'm paranoid about not being able to play guitar anymore...has anyone else had this problem?

The only new techniques i've recently added to my playing are using my thumb and tapped harmonics; not really sure if these are having an effect...
Don't worry, if it's not noticeable all the time you might just need a days rest or something. Most likely you're just getting hypochondriac about it but a days rest can't hurt.
i had that problem a wile back and realized that i had bad technique. i wasn't playing relaxed like i was supposed to. it got pretty bad in my wrist shoulder and elbow so i took a week off then worked on improving my technique so that i did it right and hav't had any pain since.
I have CTS, but I think I had it before I started playing... not quite sure.
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You´re the first one that actually has the same probs that I had a few weeks back, I didn´t have any complaints before it just started one day and then moved up my arm.
I went to the doctor who told me to wear wristguards at night, which gives your whole arm a good rest.
So I didn´t play for a week and then decided to do a good warmup every time before playing (no bending fast playing etc.)
Don't have any problems anymore now...hope this helps
Also, you might have to adjust how you're holding the guitar. If you're fond of that low-slung "sexy" position...You'll likely have trouble sooner or later.
Classical guitarists, who spend a great deal of time working on the perfect playing position are often able to maintain a very high degree of facility even into old age.
All these horrible ilnesses or w/e are so hyped up, its really rare and chances are you havent got it,you just force yourself to believe its the worst - but all thats only my opinion
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