Hello Mates,

I'm new to this forum and the UG community so Hello everyone,

Anyways, I currently have a one man project going on, And i play Rock from John Mayer to turning some songs into rock versions, And the thing about my band is that i have special guests on guitars, vocals, etc.. So i'm looking for a guitarist and maybe vocalist if there is anyone, Willing to do a cover on a song for me? If you want to improvise its alright, I'll do anything that isn't taken. These are the songs i want to cover we can all decide on one

John Mayer - Your body is a wonderland
The Academy Is.. - Classifieds
Interpol - Evil
Lordi - Hard Rock Hallujah ( Bit heavy, but i'd love to cover it )

Anyways those are just a few ideas of what song i would like to cover or get help with, If anyone is willing please reply to this thread.