Hey guys, I was just wondering what the proper distance is for the strings to be from the fretboard. I recently switched from guitar to bass, and have picked up many techniques quite easily, i just find that my strings are really far from the fretboard, and it sort of bugs me to know if its normal. I also need to know if the distance varies for playing slap, cause I seemed to have picked up the basics of slap and pop pretty quick, but find I have to slap really hard on the A string cause they're really far off the board. All info is appreciated!
It's a matter of preference.
If it's uncomfortable or hindering your playing in any way, it's wrong.

Generally speaking people like it low. It's less effort to fret notes, hammer on, tap etc.

If you are lowering the action please remember to fix the intonation as well.
personally i like to keep the strings so low that when i play them all i hear is DRRRRRR. now you can change how high/low they are to the fretboard by taking a small allen wrench to those little spring things at the way bottum of the bass. but the more warped your next is, the less lower the strings can be. for example if your neck is warped to shit, you wont be able to lower them without having it rattle against the neck when played. if you neck if perfectly straight you can have them touching the neck almost and still sound perfect. hope i helped ^^
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What would be the best bass string size to play something like Slipknot

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Hey guys, I was just wondering what the proper distance is for the strings to be from the fretboard.

It's a personal thing and varies from player to player.
I have my string height ~1/4" off the board at the octave, but I like to dig in. I don't slap. Or pop for that matter.. unless it's corn.
Sounds like you need a good set up, geared for a lower action/slap technique.
Thanks guys, just wanted to make sure I wouldn't look stupid if i took her into the shop soemtime soon.