Greetings Pit, so it's 1:15am here and i decided i'm going to watch a movie! I'd like it to be a comedy, or even something on music (rock n roll, and metal if it is). The last movies i watched were The Hangover, Step Brothers, and Pineapple Express so i'd prefer if it wasn't those.
"it might get loud"
Get back in the house and take your I'm-so-old-I'm-gonna DAMN-DIE-pills!
-Early Cuyler


R.I.P. Dael Moore
Scayr movie 1/2/3/4 (it's not actually scary, it's funny. it's a parody of many movies)
Caddyshack? Airplane?
If you feel up for some older yet still awesome comedy films...
This Is Spinal Tap.

Icing happen when de puck come down, BANG, you know,
before de oder guys, nobody dere, you know.
My arm go comme ça, den de game stop den start up.

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Get To Da Choppa!